Hillel offers something for everyone!  Our programs are innovative, transformative, exciting, creative, and informative –designed to appeal to diverse students with a broad range of interests and needs.


“Because of Hillel, I’ve gotten to meet a lot of other Jews and share the bond of being Jewish.

I like Hillel Shabbat dinners because you can hang with other Jews and have your weekend begin with friends. I travel from Palo Alto just to see my Hillel SV friends and the staff who are so helpful. Hillel has strengthened my Jewish identity.”

Michelle Fanwick, De Anza College & Foothill College

“Trying to describe what Hillel has meant to my life is like trying to describe what my left arm has meant to my life. Being right-handed, my left arm plays a supporting role, doing things behind the scenes that I usually take for granted. But, without it, life would be so much more challenging. Similarly, Hillel of Silicon Valley is part of who I am. Before Hillel, being Jewish was much more challenging, more of a burden than a source of pride. Now that Hillel is in my life, I can’t imagine my life without it.”

Justin Rothenberg, San Jose State University

“Hillel of Silicon Valley has always been there for me as a Jewish student.  My school barely has any Jews so Hillel has provided a community to call my own. I love coming to Hillel House where it feels like home, where everyone is warm and welcoming. Hillel does unbelievable things for Jewish life on campus. Hillel provided me the opportunity to go to Israel with the Blue Star PR Program, which completely revolutionized the way I think and talk about the Middle East and Israel.”

Adi Hod, San Jose State University

“Through my college career I’ve had many struggles ― from figuring out exactly what I want to study to overcoming break-ups and bad friendships. Hillel has given me a place to escape where I can think about what it is that I want in life. I am happy to have found good friends. Hillel has also helped me become a more independent and outgoing person.”

Neusha Zarrabian, West Valley College

“Hillel has had such a positive impact on me since I walked through the front door for my first Shabbat dinner.  I hope future generations of college students will get to experience the same wonderful organization. The Lunch and Learn program that Rabbi Marder leads provide the opportunity for me to learn more about Judaism in a fun and friendly way. And Shabbat dinners are the best because they create an amazing sense of family and community.  These two programs represent fundamental aspects of what being Jewish is all about. Hillel started my journey as a leader at SJSU.  If it were not for Hillel, I would never have been President of Alpha Epsilon Pi, Vice President of Spartans for Israel, become active in the Jewish community, or even gone to Israel for my second, third, and just recently fourth time.”

Eric Medeiros, San Jose State University