Our House

Our current home, just a short walk from San Jose State University, opened in June 2011 and is open to students from all the South Bay colleges we serve. 

Downstairs houses our Jewish Community Federation and Endowment Fund Student Center where one can find several comfy chairs and couches, a Foosball, ping-pong, and pool table, a big-screen TV, DVD player, and video game consoles. This area makes a great study area, or somewhere to hang out and relax. To help with all of your studying needs we have Wi-Fi available throughout the house. Students are also welcome to use our beautiful and inviting backyard as a fun hang out option to the many rooms in our house. 

Our Werba Family Kitchen is the central hub and most popular room in our house. It is a kosher-style kitchen where students can find leftovers from previous events, snacks, coffee and other treats. 

Chill out on the couch or work on some homework. We’d love to see you here!

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