True to the mission Statement of Hillel SV, we create meaningful Jewish experiences for students at a time when they are making important decisions that will affect the rest of their lives. Our staff create situations for Jewish students to interact socially, increasing the likelihood that they will meet Jewish life partners. We provide training and support for students to stand up against anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism on campuses. Additionally, we contribute to campus cultural life by presenting programs featuring Jewish/Israeli music, arts, holidays, customs and values.


We are a multi-campus Hillel that actively supports Jewish student groups at five local campuses and welcome any college age students in Silicon Valley no matter which school they attend. Additionally, Hillel staff is sought out by faculty at schools without a Hillel or Jewish student group to provide support when needed on campus.

The campuses our Hillel serves are largely commuter-based, and many of our students hold at least one part-time job. This means that Hillel provides a normative college experience for students who are not in situations where it is easy to connect with a college community.

Hillel is the first contact with the organized Jewish community for the majority of our students – students who would most likely be lost to the Jewish people if no one was actively working to connect with them.

Hillel is the only Jewish and pro-Israel organization on all five principal campuses. Hillel provides the only counter balance to anti-Israel bias and activity on campus.

Hillel is a safe space for students who don’t have money for food, need extra support for school or personal issues and need a friendly, loving adult to turn to.



Eric, San Jose State:    

“Hillel is my home away from home. My connection to Judaism grows every time I visit Hillel. Some of the best relationships I have made were at Hillel.”

Adi, De Anza College and San Jose State:      

“Hillel enabled me to embrace my Judaism and feel proud to be a Jew, not embarrassed.”

Inga, Foothill College:

“Hillel has helped me grow as a person and develop better leadership skills and interact with other Jewish students.”

Laura, San Jose State:

“I made a lot of friends in college, but I’ve found that the ones that stuck after graduation are those I met at Hillel.”

Jared, Santa Clara University:

“Hillel helped me connect with the roots of my religion.”

Michele, San Jose State:

“I celebrated every single Jewish holiday for the first time at Hillel.”

Elliot, San Jose State:

“To me, college life is like a basketball game that you can’t win by yourself. Hillel gave me the teammates, coaches and mentors to win the game.”

Naama, San Jose State:

“Even though I’m Israeli, I learned most of what I know about Judaism through Hillel.”

Sarah, West Valley College:

“The feeling that we are making a difference by creating a Jewish presence at our school is unparalleled.”

Supporting Jewish Campus life at San Jose State University,
Santa Clara University, Foothill College, De Anza College and
West Valley College