Our House

Our current home, just a short walk from San Jose State University, opened in June 2011 and is open to students from all the South Bay colleges we serve.

Downstairs houses our Jewish Community Federation and Endowment Fund Student Center where one can find several comfy chairs and couches, a Foosball, ping-pong, and pool table, a big-screen TV, DVD player, and video game consoles. This area makes a great study area, or somewhere to hang out and relax. To help with all of your studying needs we have Wi-Fi available throughout the house. Students are also welcome to use our beautiful and inviting backyard as a fun hang out option to the many rooms in our house.

Our Werba Family Kitchen is the central hub and most popular room in our house. It is a kosher-style kitchen where students can find leftovers from previous events, snacks, coffee and other treats.

Chill out on the couch or work on some homework. We’d love to see you here!

Parking Instructions

Parking at the Hillel House for events can be challenging as Hillel of Silicon Valley is located in the Horace Mann Residential Permit Parking neighborhood.  We have a limited number of guest parking permits available.  A permit is required from 8 am to 6 pm Monday through Friday.  Parking after 6 pm does not require a permit.

As soon as you arrive at Hillel please obtain your parking permit and immediately hang it from the rear view mirror of your car to avoid a (very) hefty parking ticket!

Prior to leaving please ask an employee to accompany you to your car to retrieve the parking permit so we can have it available for the next guest.

Metered parking is available on the North side of East Santa Clara Street.  The cost is $.25 for every thirty minutes with a maximum of two hours allowed, from 9 am to 6 pm except Sundays and holidays.  Parking after 6 pm is free.


  1. From Foothill, DeAnza, or West Valley College:
    • Take 280 South
    • Exit 10th Street exit
    • Turn left on 11th Street
    • House will be on the right between San Fernando and Santa Clara Streets
    • 44 S 11th Street
  2. From Santa Clara University:
    • Take The Alameda downtown
    • The Alameda becomes Santa Clara Street
    • Turn right on 10th Street
    • Turn left on San Fernando
    • Turn left on 11th Street (one way street)
    • House will be on the right halfway down the block
    • 44 S 11th Street

Hours of Operation

Our Hillel House is open from Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM with the exception of Federal and major Jewish holidays. For Shabbat and additional event information please visit our Facebook page

If you are unsure if we are open, feel free to call us and say “Shalom” at (408)286-6669.