Hillel offers something for everyone!  Our programs are innovative, transformative, exciting, creative, and informative –designed to appeal to diverse students with a broad range of interests and needs.


“I pose a question, to those reading. Would any of your friends, allow you to come over to their house in the middle of the day, just to raid their fridge, and then sleep on their couch? Would they be happy to see you do so? Would they be okay with you not paying for the food or doing your laundry there? Hillel would.”

Jordan, San Jose State University Student

“I grew up in a Jewish household, but throughout high school and into college, I began to drift from my Judaism. Hillel has helped me reconnect with my Jewish roots and become actively engaged within the Jewish community.” 

David, San Jose State University Student

“Hillel of Silicon Valley had helped me develop my leadership skills by giving me the tools to develop and execute my own club events. With their support the Jewish Student Union is learning how to be a thriving, self-sufficient club.” 

Kylie, San Jose State University Student

“Hillel puts the fun back in Judaism. Not only can I celebrate my heritage with Hillel, but I can come together with my friends and experience a new chapter in my Jewish life while surrounded by a great Jewish community.”

Spencer, San Jose State University Student

” My growth with Judaism was not created in order to disappear when I progressed to college. Hillel gave me the opportunity to maintain my Jewish identity, endure my adversity and flourish as an individual in a safe space.”

Natalie, Foothill College Student

“Hillel is a place I feel safe and have made many lasting friendships and connections. Hillel also provided me the opportunity to travel to Israel and witness its beauty and complexity first hand. I am actively involved in advocating for Israel on campus and this is because of the efforts of our local Hillel staff.”

Justin, San Jose State University Student

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