Read what alumni have to say about Hillel of Silicon Valley! 

“Hillel impacted me in more ways than one. It made me closer to my Jewish heritage and I made friends and friendships that I will cherish forever” – Shai Maor, San Jose State University 2015

“Hillel was exactly what it says, my home away from home. I was a transfer student from Los Angeles with hardly any family in Northern California. Hillel was where I could go to feel like I was close to family. Before I came to Hillel I was considering moving back home and starting over at another college. Hillel changed me and my mind forever.”  – Hannah Booth, San Jose State University 2015

“[Hillel of Silicon Valley] was a great social and educational outlet. I miss feeling like a part of a community and having a home away from home. A place where I was always welcome. Where I could relax and eat and learn without judgement.” – Sarah Ragent San Jose State University 2015

“Hillel helped me build my confidence and make more friends.” – Sabina Manasherob, Foothill transfer and San Jose State University 2014

“During my studies at SJSU I was active in Israel advocacy with Hillel, a passion which led me to pursue a graduate degree in Near East and Judaic Studies. The friendships I have made through Hillel are unshakable and I am thankful to have been able to meet so many amazing people through my involvement with this organization.” – Yael Kafri-Meiri, San Jose State University 2008

“Hillel was a wonderful escape from school and from my other school activities I also made lifelong friends through Hillel. ” – Katie Zeisl, San Jose State University 2011

“Hillel has had such a positive impact on me since I walked through the front door for my first Shabbat dinner. I hope future generations of college students will get to experience the same wonderful organization. The Lunch and Learn program provided the opportunity for me to learn more about Judaism in a fun and friendly way. Shabbat dinners are the best because they create an amazing sense of family and community. Hillel started my journey as a leader at SJSU. If it were not for Hillel, I would have never been President of Alpha Epsilon Pi, Vice President of Spartans for Israel, become active in the Jewish community, or even gone to Israel.’ – Eric Medeiros, San Jose State University 2012 & 2015. 

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