Hillel’s Programming to Foster Cross-Cultural Understanding

Hillel of Silicon Valley offers opportunities for the entire campus community to come together in a safe space to discuss relevant topics. Hillel SV students and staff outreach to other faith and cultural groups on campus, thus enriching various communities on campus.

Hillel members are dedicated to creating a pluralistic, welcoming, and inclusive environment for students, where they are encouraged to grow intellectually, spiritually, and socially. 

Hillel-sponsored activities and services include:

  • Dinners that explore the cultural connections to other faiths, traditions, and intersectional frameworks (e.g., Ethiopian, Sephardic, Italian, LGBTQ).
  • Participation in interfaith programming (e.g., interfaith Passover seder, panels)
  • Social action (food drives, awareness of global humanitarian charities)
  • Speakers on intersectionality, multi-culturalism, global cooperation
  • Interfaith and cross-cultural programs with other groups on campus
  • Travel opportunities to learn about various faiths

Students from Black Student Union and Habesha (Ethiopian group) participate in Spartans2Israel trip.

Multi-Cultural Shabbat Dinner at SJSU’s MOSAIC Cross-Cultural Center

Waga Brok spoke to the students about her experience growing up as an Ethiopian Israeli. She also spoke about her social activism.

Ethiopian Miss Israel Titi Ayanaw shared her experiences immigrating to Israel, competing in Israeli Survivor, and founding “Project Titi” for Youth at risk.

Hillel SV staff and students distribute food to students in support of SJSU food drive.