Sarita Bronstein
Sarita BronsteinExecutive Director
Sarita Bronstein is a passionate leader profoundly committed to Israel advocacy and the promulgation of Jewish life.

Mitch Reitman
Mitch ReitmanAssistant Director
As Assistant Director, Mitch Reitman is responsible for programming, fundraising, and administrative tasks here at Hillel of Silicon Valley.

Jack Kower
Jack KowerSpecial Projects Coordinator
Jack Kower was born and raised in San Diego and has lived in the Bay Area for three years. Jack brings a fresh approach to digital marketing as he helps Hillel’s online presence grow;

Matthew Ghan
Matthew GhanProgram & Engagement Associate
Matthew Ghan is originally from San Jose and graduated Chapman University in 2016 majoring in Communication Studies. In addition, he serves as the Executive Vice Chair of the Board of Directors of The Hillel Foundation of Orange County.

Cindy DiPietro
Cindy DiPietroStaff Accountant
Cindy brings to Hillel her many years of business management experience. She and her husband have owned and operated a variety of small businesses over the years.

Amit Hasson
Amit HassonJewish Agency Israel Fellow
Amit Hasson will become our new Israel Fellow (shlicha). She has a demonstrated ability in leading end-to-end projects and educational programs for an international American company and in the Israeli military.