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Hillel SV in the News 2017-18


Yom Hashoah


Sephardic & Mizrahi Jewry


Jewish Heritage Month at Foothill

Jewish Heritage Month: Krav Maga Fundementals

In Wake of Israeli – Palestinian conflict, Foothill students side with Peace


People.Book.Land Historical Exhibit

Jewish Weekly-December 1, 2017

Spartan Daily-November 28, 2017


David Hirsh, Can Progressives Be Anti-Semitic


Ethiopian Miss Israel


Selling Israel on Campus

House a Student for the Holidays

Every year, Jewish students in college face the troublesome task of trying to find a home for the High Holidays. This year, help a student out by opening your homes for the holiday. If you are willing and able to host a student for Rosh Hashanah Dinner, Yom Kippur dinner, or both, please email Matthew Lorch at

Student Spotlight – Meet Alex the Camel

Alex the Camel

Meet Alex

Alex has been with Hillel longer than anyone can remember.  He especially loves helping out with the Annual Pillars Auction and getting students to sign up for Taglit-Birthright Israel!  He can always be found hanging out in the Hillel lounge studying or schmoozing with other students!

What is your favorite Jewish Food?

Falafel – There is nothing better than Falafel and Pita with a little Tehina!  My favorite Falafel stand is in Jerusalem, but there are some places in the Silicon Valley with some great food as well!

What are three words that describe your personality?

Adventurous, energetic, and adorable.

If you could have dinner with one (currently alive) celebrity, who would it be and why?

Jake Gyllenhaal – I would love to meet the ‘Prince of Persia’

What was the most important thing that happened to you last week?

I signed up for a Taglit-Birthright Israel trip with the Hillel of Silicon Valley!

If you weren’t limited with money, where in the world would you go for a week and why?

I have some cousins in Morocco, I would love to go visit them and then stop in Algeria to wander the Sahara!

What brought you to Hillel.

I heard about Taglit-Birthright Israel and signed up to go on a free ten day trip to Israel!


***Student Spotlight is a new program focused on connecting the community with the students of Hillel. Every month, a new student is featured.