yoniDear Hillel of Silicon Valley supporters,

At San Jose State, there is one a place that brings our Jewish community together. Each Friday night people all across campus, no matter who they are, gather under one roof to end each week with a delicious meal. Conversations ranging from Politics to Pokémon teams and all the classroom gossip in between can be heard at the table. What Hillel means to me is Diversity and Inclusion. With its doors always open, I know I can find a warm meal and good company. The Hillel of Silicon Valley provides a representation that is unique to the Jewish people, that even though we are all different we have one quality that brings us all together. It’s the fact that we are all young proud Jewish students, and we all embrace it. Without Hillel there would be no place where any and all Jews at the San Jose State campus could go to and would be accepted regardless of who they are. That is what Hillel means to me, it’s a place where I can find other Jews and without judgement.

Yoni, SJSU