Help Us Reach EVERY Jewish Student in America


Most people think the biggest challenges for Jewish life on campus are anti-Israel attitudes, anti-Semitism, or missionaries.  In fact, the biggest challenge we face at Hillel is how to find the Jewish students in the first place.


In an effort to address this challenge, the Suncoast Hillels in partnership with Hillel International have taken our Florida program to a national level.  This website was created to help us engage every Jewish student, and we need your help to do it.


The Website will allow Hillel staff members at EVERY COLLEGE & UNIVERSITY IN THE COUNTRY to reach out to Jewish students even before they arrive on campus. 


Here’s how it works.


If you know a Jewish student who has just graduated from high school or a student who is already in college, but not involved with Hillel…

Go to


There you will see four frames.  Just enter the first and last name of the student, his or her email address and the school the student will be attending in the fall.  When you hit the submit button, a message will automatically be sent to the Hillel staff on that campus, and they will reach out to the student.


It’s surprisingly simple, but can make a huge difference.  To make it work however, we need your help.   Please take a few minutes to help us reach every Jewish student in America.


Once you’ve done it, please send the link or forward this email to everyone you know who has a Jewish student going to college anywhere in America.


Together we can make a significant difference for the future of the American Jewish Community.