spencerDear Hillel of Silicon Valley supporters,

Growing up, I have always been very Jewish. I participated in religious school, celebrated becoming bar mitzvah, confirmed my faith with my religious school, and experienced the land of Israel with my peers. I also actively participated in BBYO. Being Jewish is an essential part of who I am. When I discovered Hillel I found myself drawn to them not because of religion, but rather because of the community I experienced at my first few events. It was an added plus that Hillel was a place I could further explore my Judaic values and further solidify my ideals.
When I was a kid, celebrating Shabbat did not happen weekly; if anything, my family and I celebrated in once a month. Celebrating Shabbat meant having challah, lighting the Shabbat candles, and doing Kiddush. It really did not mean a lot to me. Thanks to the overwhelming joy that Shabbat at Hillel of Silicon Valley is, the tradition of Shabbat means more to me now than it ever has before. I now value that time; it’s special. There have been a few rare Friday nights where I have conflicts with Shabbat dinner. These nights always feel a little empty. In short, Hillel of Silicon Valley has provided me with myriad of opportunities to not only help me delve further into Judaism, but Hillel of Silicon Valley has also been there for me to find solace amidst the anti-Israel campus climate I come face to face with on a regular basis, and in addition to all of that, Hillel of Silicon Valley is my home. It is not just a place that reminds me of home. Hillel of Silicon Valley makes me always feel welcome and always feel at home. Thank you, Hillel of Silicon Valley for your never ending support of me and other Silicon Valley students!

Sincerely, Spencer, De Anza